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Sealants add Value

The importance of a good sealant and how they can help upsell a wash package, bringing increased profitability and extra value for your consumers.

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In previous "Tip of the Month" articles we have covered the difference between alkaline and acidic presoaks and also the importance of a good drying agent and steps that need to be taken beforehand to ensure the drying agent works properly. Next, we will cover the importance of a good sealant and how they can help upsell a wash package, bringing increased profitability and extra value for your consumers.

A good sealant often provides a customer appealing foam, color and fragrance along with an extraordinary protective barrier, which rapidly sheds water, leaving a dry, glossy shine. It starts with a hydrophobic (water fearing) material emulsified in water with a cationic surfactant (surface active agent) just as with a drying agent. The actual materials that are in the sealant can vary greatly. As with a drying agent, a sealant will perform best when applied under low pressure and low volume, but we must demand more from the sealant than simple drying action under low-pressure applications. Frequently, these products need to be applied at higher pressure and volume in order to rinse off a foaming polish or conditioner. Thus, we must have a product that is more efficient than the standard drying agent formula and gives good water beading even when applied under high pressure instead of the optimal low pressure.


As mentioned, in addition to good water beading performance, the sealant should provide extra value to the customer. A great shine from a smooth coating of the surface and ingredients to help reflect the maximum amount of light providing assurance to the customer of that extra value. In addition to what the customers do see, ultraviolet light absorbers can be added to protect the paint, reducing oxidation. Sealants should also have better longevity than drying agents and protect the surface for a longer period of time.

Because of the upsell possibility with sealants, be sure to utilize the manufacturer's handouts and marketing materials to help market these products to your consumer to help explain the benefits. It is important for the consumer to know why they should choose the top package at your wash. If you haven't seen marketing materials for the manufacturer's sealant you use, be sure to ask your distributor if any are available.


By following these steps on your drying agent and sealant products, you can achieve the kind of shiny, dry results that will satisfy you and your customers.

From the Lustra Team – Keep Shining

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