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Selecting a dryer system


When it comes to dryers, Archie Johnson, owner of The Dryer Pros said that, to promote customer satisfaction, operators need to choose their drying systems carefully. It is very important to have enough drying capacity to handle maximum volume, and installing energy-saving controls such as variable frequency drives and air on-demand systems can reduce the cost of drying.

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“Customers’ demand for clean, dry vehicles continues to be the biggest challenge carwash operators face today,” Johnson said. “And, if an operator fails to meet that challenge, his competitor down the street will. While installing a state-of-the-art drying system is a substantial investment, it’s an investment that smart operators continue to make. It’s one that the competition will make, and it’s one that customers expect.”

Johnson said it was easier to remove softened rinse water compared to today’s popular spot-free water. That’s because softened water will bead and easily blow off surfaces while spot-free water tends to cling to surfaces making it harder to remove. “But it’s fair to say that not leaving spots is worth the trade-off. Dryers simply have to work harder to get acceptable results.”


While the cleaning process in an exterior carwash can be enhanced with pre-washing, the drying system is always left alone to do its part of getting vehicles dry. Sometimes customers will judge their entire carwash experience by how much water is left on their windshield as they exit the tunnel, Johnson said. If too much water is left, they’re dissatisfied with the whole wash process.

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