PRATTVILLE, Ala. — A&J Car Wash has added a dog wash to its facility, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

The wash also offers a vehicle rental service, noted the article. Owner Jeanne Smith came up with the pet wash idea with her husband before he died last year.

The Smiths researched dog washes together and decided to install the top-of-the-line unit, stated the article.

"This [dog wash] has a Plexiglas door, and it's about waist-high,” said Smith in the article. “There is a barn-style door. It is not difficult for most dogs of any size to enter the wash and fit comfortably."

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Pets can play in a fenced-in area while they wait for their baths, reported the article. The wash machine is stainless steel and dispenses products like shampoo, flea and tick treatment, and conditioner. Rinses and disinfectants go through the nozzles to clean the tub for the next customer.

The wash also includes a blow-dry service, reported the article. Packages start at $10, and more time can be purchased with cash or credit cards.

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