NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. — Wag N Wheel Wash opened last summer as a 24-hour self-serve, and it recently converted one of its bays into two pet wash stations, according to

The wash is one of the few in the area to offer a pet wash service, noted the article. Co-owner Richard Tomaino said in the article the additional profit center has seen regular business since it opened.

The enclosed pet bays have ramps leading to the tub, noted the article. A wand dispenses water and a variety of chemicals such as shampoo and flea and tick treatments.

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Tomaino opened the wash with his brother, Jim, and Mike Welch, stated the article. Wag N Wheel occupies the former Clifford Fuel carwash, which sat vacant before the new owners took over. The men are former firefighters.

“We’re still spraying water … it’s just not as strenuous,” shared Tomaino in the article. “We’re having a good time with it, and the support from the customers who used to come here before has been great.”

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