PERKASIE, PA — Many car care businesses use email marketing, and Moving Targets introduced a new direct-contact service for retailers, according to a press release.

The Feb. 21 release stated that the service does not require a contract, and the company will handle every aspect of monthly newsletters. This includes everything from content to delivery.

Marketing: Changing the channels

“Studies have shown that readers trust the information in newsletters — it’s not an ad,” Jay Siff, CEO of Moving Targets, said in the release. “Having a newsletter from your business to your customers is seen as more credible, making you the expert in your industry.”

The newsletters are customized with business names, logos and color schemes. Also included are two to three articles related to the industry. Businesses will be able to include a coupon offering as well.

Business owners just provide an email database, and the service can be canceled at any time.