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Service station adopts technology to thrive

WATERLOO, Ontario — The family-owned business will one day be taken over by the owners’ daughter.

WATERLOO, Ontario — A family-owned auto service shop understands the importance of embracing technology as cars become increasingly computerized, according to The Record.

The shop sells and repairs cars, stated the article, in addition to offering oil changes, rust proofing, car cleaning and detailing.

Jim Voigt and wife, Laurie, run the shop, noted the article. Their daughters have also been involved in the business. The youngest daughter, Sarah, wants to take over the facility someday.

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Voigt said in the article that computerization of vehicles means good car technicians are in high demand. The shop combines the knowledge of technology with an old-fashioned approach to customer service.

When Voigt and his wife had two daughters, many people said maybe they would marry someone who could take over the business. Voigt shared in the article, “But that was just a bunch of sexist hogwash.”

“My grandfather taught us how to treat people,” he added in the article. “My father took lessons from him and his experiences were passed on to me and now I often hear that in my daughter.”

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