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Astromatic, Inc. Belanger, Inc.
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Astromatic, Inc. Belanger, Inc.
INCLUDES: 66″ Top Brush, 44″ Front Brushes, (33″ extra), Tall Rear Brushes, Aluminum C-Channel, Shafts, Shaft Couplers, Coupler Spiders, Key Stock, Shaft Collars, Bearings

Available for most IBA’s and tunnels.

For more information, visit CarwashConsignment.com.

Booth #921

Equip your business to succeed – with Belanger’s Kondor® touchless in-bays. First, ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS with Active Site Marketing™ synchronized lighting. Then, LOAD CARS FASTER with LED Navigation System™ lighted arms. INCREASE PROFITS with drying, triple foam and wax options. Finally, GET ‘EM BACK with a brilliant light show customers love.
For more information, visit BelangerInc.com.

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Extrutech Plastics, Inc. Hydro-Spray Wash Systems, Inc.
Since 1992 Extrutech Plastics has provided smooth, bright white, tongue and groove, 24″ and 12″, wall and ceiling panels; ideal for high-moisture areas with a Class A rating and 10 year warranty. Stop by Booth 124, of the NRCC Show to see all our products or give us a call at 888-818-0118.
For more information, visit EpiPlastics.com.

Booth #124

Looking to increase your self-serve revenue? Expand your service offering with a self-serve underbody system by Hydro-Spray. Designed to easily adapt to all self-serve equipment, this system will give your business the boost you’ve been looking for. Features on this system include: our uniquely designed wand and underbody tool, stainless overhead boom with universal wall bracket, wand holder, check valve assembly, control valve assembly, instruction signage and much more. Visit www.HydroSpray.com or call 800-528-5733 to learn more.
For more information, visit HydroSpray.com.

Lustra Professional Car Care Products SAS™ – Solution Application Systems

LustraFoam® with Carnauba Wax is a foaming, super polish with a pleasing orange/vanilla scent. Fortified with carnauba wax, LustraFoam provides a long-lasting shine with added UV protection and water repellency. The advanced brightening polymers along with the carnauba wax adhere to the painted surface to give a deeper, glossy shine for any type of car wash.
For more information, visit LustraBear.com.

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The Mizer® is a solution distribution and application system that efficiently uses air and water to deliver chemicals to the wash while lowering chemical costs and water usage. Adjustments are easily made and allow for “micro-metering” of ultra concentrated products. You can simplify your equipment room and create more space while reducing costs with the Mizer. Contact SAS™ at www.SAS-4.com or 800-225-2231 for more information.
For more information, visit www.SAS-4.com.

Booths #619, 621, 710, 720

Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc. Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Wave Shield online premium protectant process is a 3-step, arch-applied process consisting Wave Curtain Foam Bath, Wave Shine Foam Cleanser/Protectant and Wave Seal Foam Protectant. Wave Curtain Foam Bath is a low pH, high-foaming liquid detergent concentrate for excellent lubricity and cleaning. Wave Shine Foam Cleanser/ Protectant, a pH balanced foam cleanser/protectant, cleans, conditions and protects. Wave Seal Foam Protectant contains surface reactive silicones which bond to vehicle surfaces for high shine and long-lasting protection.
For more information, visit Warsaw-Chem.com.

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Professional Carwashing & Detailing is more than just a number one magazine. Between carwash.com, our eNews and eNewsletters, we continue to deliver new and exciting platforms to deliver valuable resources to car care professionals to assist in their success. From business management and marketing best practices to product application and new technologies available, Professional Carwashing & Detailing and carwash.com is the authoritative and trusted voice to the market.
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