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Sinkhole in carwash parking lot swallows massive truck

OAKWOOD, Ga. — An excavation truck proved too heavy to pull out of a sinkhole.


OAKWOOD, Ga. — According to, on Jan. 17th around 7:45 a.m., a sinkhole opened underneath a 55,000-pound truck in the parking lot of Diamond Auto Spa and swallowed it, leaving its front tires and cab hanging in the air.

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The truck came from the Badger company, which, ironically, uses water to blast through rock and dirt to perform excavating and digging services, the article stated; it was carrying 1,600 gallons of water.

The driver was unharmed, the article noted.

The reason for the sinkhole is likely a storm drain that caved in, the article added.

After the city checked the building plans for the carwash, they learned it was built about 20 years ago and has a pipe of corrugated metal about five feet high running across the length of the parking lot and right underneath where the truck sat; officials believe that over time, the pipe rusted and eroded, the article added.


Hall County firefighters responded to the scene and did find a diesel spill, but only a few gallons had leaked out, the article reported.

According to a separate article on, workers first pumped fuel from the truck and then transferred the 1,600 gallons of water to a separate truck in the hopes of making it light enough to remove from the hole; however, as of Tuesday night, workers were still not able to remove the truck.

Read the original story here and the follow-up here.

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