LAKE ZURICH, IL — A driver who admitted to being under the influence of marijuana was sentenced to prison for killing a woman at a carwash, the Daily Herald reported.

The Oct. 19 story stated that Thomas G. Murphy, 40, will receive six years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated driving under the influence causing death. Murphy crashed his car at a carwash, killing a woman as she was about to enter her vehicle.

Carwash sues following SUV crash

Prosecutors said Murphy was traveling at 67 mph when he hit the victim in March of 2011. Murphy entered the carwash’s driveway, hit the victim then crashed into a SUV outside the wash and caused minor injuries to two others.

Blood tests revealed that Murphy was under the influence of marijuana, and authorities said an ounce of the drug was found in Murphy’s Jeep after the collision.

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