BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In the September feature, “Smart advertising can attract more customers,” Chris McKenna, contributing writer, discusses several advertising techniques, such as targeting Web-savvy consumers, to help car care businesses drive in more customers.

Today, social media as well as other forms of multimedia are leading the charge in many ways, explains McKenna in the article, adding that the exposure you can have and the demographic you can reach are more or less invaluable.

“Like it or not, the new age of computer and social media technology and Web-savvy customers are now one of the highest priority demographics. And, these customers are here to stay,” asserts McKenna in the article.

According to McKenna, a review site, such as Yelp and Google, can be somewhat of a mixed blessing. On one hand, it can take serious resolve to manage reviews; and on the other hand, a review site can serve as a great customer service tool for a business, allowing owners, operators and employees to take the feedback, both positive and negative, and make the changes necessary to improve customer service and any policy or production method that might need to be reformed.

Another way to engage with more customers is through your website. “If you don’t currently have a website, I highly suggest you create one and start utilizing this important medium,” advises McKenna in the article.

In the article, McKenna also offers a few other ways to help owners and operators operate a more successful car care business:

  • Text messages and other types of “blast-outs,” which include emails
  • Direct marketing and cross-promotion (as briefly mentioned earlier)
  • Viewable message boards at the ticket island/kiosk island.

“With all these types of promotions and exposure methods to work with, you can reach your desired demographic and can specifically target any given customer at any given time,” notes McKenna in the article.

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