BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The Professional Carwashing & Detailing team would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2015 Detailing Benchmark Survey.

A sampling of the survey was published in the September issue of PC&D. You can read through the September issue here.

To peak your interest, here is an inside look at a few results from this year’s survey:

  • Of detailers, 26.3 percent say their starting wage is $10 an hour; and the average hourly wage for a detail shop employee is $12.87.
  • In 2014, 67 percent of detail businesses reported an increase in revenue from 2013, and 70 percent of detail shops predict an increase in 2015 from 2014.
  • Spring is the busiest season for 43 percent of detail shops followed by summer at 38 percent.

In case you missed it, peruse through the August issue here. And, check out the December issue here.