Sneak peek: Crafting a chemical recipe for success

Sneak peek: Crafting a chemical recipe for success

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In this exclusive first look at the upcoming September cover story, Assistant Editor Maria Woodie discusses the ingredients needed to ensure optimal chemical performance.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s upcoming September cover story, “The chemistry connection,” Assistant Editor Maria Woodie writes about how chemicals are essential to achieve a productive carwash.

“Having the right chemistry is important for most things in life, whether figuratively or literally. For carwashes, chemistry is an essential component in the equation for optimum productivity,” writes Woodie.

No all-in-one chemical is available for every specific need a carwash may require, especially when a car care business offers multiple services to customers. The chemical type and amount will vary from region to region, location to location and, often, even process to process.

Finding the right chemical to ensure optimum productivity may come down to trial and error. However, general best practices can help carwashes select the best chemical for the job at hand. Moreover, Doug Marquis, assistant vice president for Lustra Professional Car Care Products, a division of Cleaning Systems Inc. (CSI), explains in the article that most quality chemical suppliers will have staffed personnel to help businesses find the perfect chemical for their needs.

“A properly trained and experienced chemical technician will be able to explain what chemical product options are available to meet [a carwash’s specific] criteria, [as well as] evaluate what equipment variables might come into play and affect the intended outcome,” asserts Marquis.

Regardless of chemical type, all carwash owners and operators must consider the quality of the chemical as well as outside influences, such as water quality, temperature and storage, wash equipment and local soil challenges, which can impact chemical performance; if the carwash environment isn’t  up to par, the overall performance of the chemical won’t be either.

Once carwashes have selected a high-quality chemical and considered outside influences’ impacts on performance, make sure all employees properly handle chemicals before, during and after application.

In the article, Craig Celentano, vice president of distributor development for Qual Chem, offers the following tips for safe chemical handling:

  • Have a strong Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) program in place.
  • Implement employee training programs.
  • Limit the number of personnel who handle the chemicals.
  • Have all the proper safety gear and materials available in the area.

Stay tuned for the September issue to read the entire cover story on chemicals. And, while you wait, peruse through the August issue here.

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