BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s upcoming July feature, “Survival during drought,” Managing Editor Robyn Tucker writes about how to manage carwashes’ most precious resource when the well runs dry.

For the exclusive sneak peek of this July feature, we will take a closer look at the widespread effects of drought, including expert input from Tom Doll, executive vice president of sales and marketing for APANA, as well as a few water-saving tips.

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In the article, Doll explains that as increased regulations govern water usage, the businesses that pay attention to water scarcity issues will endure.

“Water-intensive businesses who actively integrate accountability practices to help them identify potential waste events in real time are likely to benefit with continuing operations, and even expansion, over those who don’t,” notes Doll.

The loss of billions of gallons of water each year occur because of deteriorating infrastructure and mechanical malfunctions, reports Doll, adding that a carwash’s water infrastructure presents many potential failure points for responsible water management.

“The cost of unnecessary water use is said to be included in the cost of doing business until you begin to understand how much you could save,” says Doll. “And that’s before you consider compliance requirements, rising [costs and] reduced operation mandates.”

This July article also includes a special sidebar titled, “Reducing water usage,” which features a few ways carwashes can reduce water usage, according to the report, “Water Conservation in the Professional Car Wash Industry,” by the International Carwash Association (ICA).

  • Install lower flow nozzles and run them at lower pressure.
  • Check for, and repair, any water leaks as they occur.
  • Replace brass/plastic nozzles with stainless steel or hard ceramic nozzles.
  • Route reclaim water or RO reject water to the landscaping (be sure plants can tolerate the water first).
  • Install positive shut-off valves in extractor sinks and on all hoses/faucets.
  • Before a vehicle exits the bay, create a dwell time for water to run off the vehicle and into the reclaim pit.
  • Install automatic high-level water cut-offs in all towel and chamois washing machines.
  • Regularly replace all spray nozzles to assure maximum efficiency of water used.

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Be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming July issue. And, in case you missed the June issue, check it out here.