Sneak peek: Ensure high-performing employees
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Sneak peek: Ensure high-performing employees

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Carwashes must hire and retain quality employees to prevail in the fight for steady business.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In the upcoming November feature, “Quality assurance,” Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo discusses retaining high-quality employees.

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“Carwashes are being erected and refurbished at a staggering rate these days,” says DiPaolo. “While new investors are looking to capitalize on a business opportunity, veteran carwashers are noticing their competition radiuses are shrinking. And with increased competition in the area, as well as a recovering unemployment status in the U.S., the competition for quality employees is becoming as intense as the battle for local customers.”

He continues that carwashes must hire and retain high-performing employees to prevail in the fight for steady business.


In order to retain quality employees, make sure to keep them motivated. “Your carwash needs motivated employees to remain successful and grow,” explains DiPaolo. “Motivated managers and frontline workers are more creative when troubleshooting issues, attentive to details and productive. Additionally, the more you can motivate your workforce, the lower your turnover rate will be.”

However, adds DiPaolo, mangers who do not recognize a wash’s quality and motivated employees might be a bigger threat to the business.

“Quality employees who are disgruntled will not settle for their current situation and may be motivated to bring their resumes to your local competition, possibly improving the quality of that wash,” asserts DiPaolo.


In the article, DiPaolo shares statistics from the article, “Motivation Of Your Employees | The Best Way To Do It,” published in Entrepreneurial Insights, which shares reasons why carwash owners must invest in high-performing managers.

The article’s statistics, which are cited from several studies and research on the topic of employee engagement, include:

  • Highly engaged employees were 87 percent less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts.
  • Three out of every four people who leave their jobs of their own will, aren’t quitting the jobs but are quitting on their bosses instead.
  • Less than half of the workforce (40 percent) are aware of their companies’ goals, tactics and strategies.
  • Organizations with greatly engaged employees accomplish double the annual net income compared to those with employees that are not so well engaged (as per an analysis of 64 organizations).

While we wait for the digital version of the November issue to be released, check out the October issue here.

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