Sneak peek: PC&D’s September issue
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Sneak peek: PC&D’s September issue

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Discover how site selection and design impact a business’ profitability in this exclusive first look inside the upcoming issue.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Last week, the Professional Carwashing & Detailing team wrapped up production on the September issue, which is filled with informative articles to help owners and operators run their businesses effectively.

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Featured topics highlighted in this issue include: chemical quality and performance; proper mat selection and care; an update on controllers; LED lighting; interior detailing tips; and more.

For this special sneak peek, we will take a closer look at an excerpt from the September article, “Site planning: Adding to the carwash experience,” written by Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo, which discusses site selection and design.

“A potential customer’s decision to visit your carwash often begins just before he or she pulls in or passes you right by. ‘The marketing starts at the street,’ interjects Timothy Hogue, president of Modernwash Inc. As a result, you will want to focus heavily on the appearance and functionality of your carwash as a form of lead generation.”


This article also includes a sidebar titled, “Site selection and analysis,” which features a partial sampling of “Site Selection and Analysis of Unimproved Real Estate,” provided by Harvey Miller of Car Wash/Oil Lube Consultants:

  1. Current demographics — one-, three- and five-mile radius
  2. Current zoning; what entitlements are required?
  3. Property size (acreage) and actual dimensions
  4. Approximate length of tunnel and space available for vacuum pads, queuing lanes and finishing area (if required)
  5. Visibility/exposure
  6. Traffic count and traffic speed
  7. Competing carwashes — three-mile radius — not including service station and self-serve washes
  8. Cost of property or ground rental
  9. Check with planning department to determine required entitlements, permits, setbacks, etc.
  10. Review preliminary title report to determine recorded easements
  11. Utility and sewer locations
  12. Existing grades (high or low)
  13. Off-site improvement requirements
  14. Viable for express exterior, full-service, flex-service or self-service?
  15. Should you proceed, go forward? And, what should you expect?

According to one industry professional, this feature on site selection was “one of the best articles I have read in over 60 years of being in the carwash industry.”


We hoped you enjoyed this inside look. Be sure to read this article as well as the entire September issue coming soon. And, in case you missed the August issue, check it out here.

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