GREENWICH, Penn. — Officials acknowledged Shammy Shine Car Wash & Quick Lube as the source of green water found in the area, according to

The water was noticed in a drainage ditch, noted the article. Hazmat team Chief Tom Nigro said in the article the discoloration went away on its own. No one was injured.

The investigation discovered an employee at the wash dumped about five to 10 gallons of soap concentrate into a storm drain March 27, stated the article.

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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection issued a notice to the wash, reported the article. Caryn Shinske from the department said in the article the material did not reach a waterway. The soap dissipated into the ground.

"As far as we know it did not get into farmland or crops or anything like that," Shinske added in the article. "It essentially disappeared at that point."

The carwash manager shared in the article the business has responded to the notice. He said the soap should have been put into the sanitary sewer, not the storm drain.

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