WASHINGTON — While Republicans are opposed to the president’s proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, some are more supportive of increases on the state level, according to nacsonline.com.

Voters in five states will decide whether to up minimum wages in their states, and candidates running in those states say they favor the increase, said the article.

Candidates in Alaska and Arkansas oppose the federal minimum wage increase, but they support a moderate state-level increase, noted the article.

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Voters in Nebraska and South Dakota will also vote on the measure, though the wage would not increase to the federal rate of $10.10. The Illinois proposal is closer to that number. Voters there could push the wage up to $10, reported the article.

Polls show Americans support increasing minimum wage. The five states facing the upcoming vote have seen no groups with significant funding oppose the possible increases, stated the article.

In the ten times minimum wage increases have appeared on state ballots since 2002, voters have supported the measure every time, explained the article.

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