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Special Edition Newsletter: Doors and Dryers

This month’s special topic: Doors and Dryers

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Welcome to a special edition of PC&D e-News: Doors and Dryers

Dear Reader,

For this special edition e-Newsletter, we here at Professional Carwashing & Detailing decided to present you with important information you need to know about doors and dryers.

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Top three concerns answered
Ted Yamin, Jr., of Gallop Brush Company, LLC., lets us in on the most common mistakes operators make and what they need to do to keep their doors clean.

Updating doors and dryers
By: Phillip Lawless, Managing Editor
Ease upkeep, control traffic and create content customers by investing in up-to-date doors and dryers.

Earning ‘compound interest’ with the right dryers
By: Marcus McLaughlin, a member of the marketing team at Belanger, Inc.
How a correctly designed, energy efficient dryer will last longer and ultimately save you money.


The blow down on in-bay automatic dryers
By: Arthur D. Stephens, Jr.
Here is everything you need to know about how to choose a dryer for your IBA.

More on Doors and Dryers

Poll Results

Last month, we asked our readers how they go about cleaning their carwash doors. The results are as follows:

How do you clean your carwash doors?

  • 20.0%   High pressure water
  • 30.0%   Soap, sponge, elbow grease, high pressure water spray
  • 00.0%   Special store bought chemical cleaning solution
  • 20.0%   Special homemade cleaning solution
  • 30.0%   Don’t clean the doors at all

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