Choosing the right dryers
Looking to install a new dryer system? There are a few options you will need to consider.
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Maintenance tips for dryers
To keep customers happy, dryers have to function consistently to meet their expectations.
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Aerodry Systems, LLC Belanger, Inc.
Aerodry Systems, LLC
Dependable "Quiet" Dryers
Patented air flow technology increases performance while reducing sound levels. Internal sound reduction is standard on all models, while innovative designs meet your requirements. Free-standing, maintenance-free models configure for any type, size and brand of wash facility. Our long industry history provides extensive industry knowledge which allows us to focus on manufacturing reliable, effective products backed with excellent customer support. Read about us, our experience and commitment to quality at www.aerodrysystems.com. See us at major car wash events and ask for a demonstration at fully operational speeds! (Our low, low sound levels allow us to demonstrate during trade shows).
Aerodry Systems, LLC
P.O. Box 907, Broomfield, CO 80038
Belanger, Inc.
FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS, A DRIER CAR IS A CLEANER CAR. That's why Belanger offers a suite of drying solutions you can configure to meet your objectives. AIRCANNON™ dryers are proven all-around performers with a 3-axis adjustable, low-maintenance design. The AIRBLADE® and SIDEKICK® specifically target horizontal and side surfaces, delivering 'walls of air' through carefully-tuned airflows. And for optimum ROI, all Belanger dryers maximize 'Airflow-Per-Horsepower'™ while avoiding the use of bags, rollers, cables and other maintenance-prone designs.
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