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Special Edition Newsletter: Sudden Unintended Acceleration

This month’s special topic: Sudden Unintended Acceleration

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Welcome to a special edition of PC&D e-News: SUA

Dear Reader,

This special edition e-newsletter from Professional Carwashing & Detailing is addressing a troubling issue affecting the car care industry: Incidents of sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) at carwashes. These cases have been reported across the nation, and in the past five years at least three deaths have been reported at carwash locations. It is a major concern for our operators, employees and the carwash industry as a whole.

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Is human error a myth?
By: David Bizzak
One expert’s theory on sudden unintended acceleration and its probable causes.

SUA and the carwash industry
By: Doug Newman
A comprehensive overview of one man’s extensive research into the history of SUA incidents.


Breaking News: SUA kills carwash employee
A carwash worker was killed after a co-worker lost control of a Jeep vehicle as it exited the tunnel.

Does your company have a safety policy specific to SUA Survey Spotlight
SUA Survey Results
A survey conducted by Professional Carwashing & Detailing — using Zoomerang and completed by 358 participants — asked how owners and operators are reacting to and protecting their carwashes from SUA incidents.

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