Special Edition Newsletter: Water Efficiency - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Special Edition Newsletter: Water Efficiency

This month's special topic: Water Efficiency


Water, water…it’s everywhere
Covering everything from reverse osmosis to how hard water can hurt your bottom line.
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Chemical reclaim compatibility
It takes more than equipment to make a reclaim system work.
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Increasing profits by reducing consumption
We will take a look at what can be done to substantially reduce water and sewer consumption in a carwash and subsequently increase your profit margin.
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Con-Serv Manufacturing SoBrite Technologies
PurClean™ Spot-Free Rinse Systems PurWater™ Recovery Systems
Con-Serv Manufacturing

Located in Lakeland, Florida, Con-Serv Manufacturing has been developing leading-edge water reclaim and reuse technology for over 30 years. Concentrating on the car wash industry, Con-Serv Manufacturing has pioneered durable, superior, and cost effective equipment for the reuse of car wash water. With thousands of installations in the U.S. and internationally, Con-Serv customers have recovered and reused millions of gallons of water.
For more information call (800) 868-9888,
e-mail [email protected],
or visit www.con-servwater.com.
SoBrite Technologies

Has a solution to your water management needs.
Reclaim systems with proven odor control.
Introducing the ERS Reclaim System!
Three sizes from 50 to 150 GPM and all sizes include
our patented and proven Oder control.

Call now and see how you can benefit from SoBrite water management systems!

For more information call 309.467.2335, e-mail
[email protected], or visit www.sobrite.com.
PurClean™ Spot-Free Rinse Systems

The PurClean™ Pro-Series Spot-Free Rinse system is engineered to deliver a final rinse of pure, mineral-free, spot-free water rinse to the vehicle at the conclusion of the wash process resulting in the total vehicle, including glass, chrome, and painted areas, to dry perfectly spot free eliminating the need for time-consuming hand drying. All systems are ETL tested and approved and are manufactured with the finest quality components—including the PurClean™ WaterStabilizer™ pretreatment system. The WaterStabilizer effectively addresses water hardness without the need and ongoing expense of a water softener making the PurClean™ system efficient and environmentally friendly. PurClean™ Spot-Free Rinse systems are available in both wall mount and floor stand models and in sizes from 1,000 – 50,000 gallons per day. PurClean™ offers unparalleled factory support and is proudly represented by an extensive domestic and international network of factory trained/authorized distributors to assist you in selecting the most appropriate system for your wash application and provide professional installation.
Quality water is an essential ingredient to delivering a quality wash! Call PurClean™ today for a No Obligation water analysis (800) 818-8868 x3315.
For more information call (800) 818-8868 x3315, e-mail [email protected], or visit www.purclean.com.
PurWater™ Recovery Systems

Reduce your water & Sewer Costs – Increase your Bottom Line with PurWater™! The PurWater™ system incorporates the versatility of Variable Frequency Drive, Programmable Logic Controller, Ozone injection, to address bacteria growth typically associated with reclaiming wash water, and Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology resulting in the most efficient, technically advanced smart system available in the industry. The PurWater™ system is engineered to consistently provide the targeted wash with high quality 5-Micron odor/color-free processed water significantly reducing the need for fresh water by as much as 85%, positively impacting the Operators’ bottom-line without negatively impacting wash quality. Incorporating a PurWater™ system into your carwash saves you money, improves your bottom line and provides the Operator with a marketing platform to effectively communicate and promote environmental stewardship within the Operator’s community to drive new business and wash volume.
Several models are available and can easily be incorporated into full-serve tunnel, express tunnel, in-bay friction, and touch-free wash applications. Systems are prewired/pre-plumbed, and the minimal 16″ X 48″ footprint makes it easily adaptable for retrofit installations. PurWater™ offers unparalleled factory support and is proudly represented by an extensive domestic and international network of factory trained/authorized distributors to assist you in selecting the most appropriate system for your wash application and providing professional installation.
Contact PurWater™ today to learn how you can reduce your water & sewer costs and increase your bottom line.
For more information call (800) 818-8868, e-mail [email protected], or visit www.purclean.com.

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