SARASOTA, Fla. — Love bug season usually occurs in May and September, but it may have come early this year, according to the Herald-Tribune.    

Carwashes in the area have experienced an increase in bug debris, according to the article. However, the manager of Johnny’s Car Wash in Sarasota, Mary Ann Gaines, noticed the bugs do not have the reddish coloration below their head, as love bugs do.

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“There’s [also] a certain smell love bugs have when they’re smashed into a car,” she said in the article, and these bugs don't have it.

Joy Derkson, a volunteer master gardener for the University of Florida insists, however, that these are love bugs. University of Florida entomologist Phil Koehler did not want to speculate, but said it is possible that love bugs could come out a few weeks early this year.

Once love bug season begins, it will last up to six weeks, according to the article.

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