Sponsored Blog: High Pressure Car Wash Pumps
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Sponsored Blog: High Pressure Car Wash Pumps

High pressure pumps have made it possible for car washes to clean much more efficiently.

Sponsored by Kleen-Rite Corp.

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The car wash industry really thrived with the introduction of the high pressure pump, not only for self-serve car washes but also full tunnel operations. Increasing water pressure to knock off road grime, mud, and other dirt a car accumulates down the highway, high pressure pumps have made it possible for car washes to clean much more efficiently. Most of the major pump manufacturers started building pumps for the pressure washing market for industrial cleaning applications; the car wash industry quickly adapted this new technology for its industry to increase the cleaning power of the car wash.

The self-serve car washes that sprung up across the nation in the late 1950s and 1960s really expanded the use of high pressure pumps because they needed not just a location for a customer to wash their cars but also needed to provide the benefit of a cleaner car to their customers. In the early stage of the car wash industry most of these self-serve car wash locations were outside major cities where the already established conveyor more automated car washes were located.  Today most all of the full serve automated car washes and self-serve car wash locations have some type of high pressure pump; whether doing prep work at the start of the tunnel or the stand-alone touch free automatic machines, the car wash industry has benefited from this technology as well as the consumer.

Below are some of the most popular car wash high pressure pumps; while there are many more we could cover, the ones we have listed here are in many different car wash applications.

Cat Pumps

Prior to starting cat pumps in 1968, William L. Bruggeman worked as a project engineer for a small pressure washer manufacturer in St. Paul, Minnesota. Cat Pumps earned the reputation as “the pumps with nine lives” because of the superior life compared to other models available in the market. Cat Pumps is a pioneer in the vehicle wash industry as the leading pump manufacturer for over 45 years. That improvement led to Cat Pumps providing the No. 1 pump in the industry — a market position it still proudly holds today.

Cat 310 pump 4GPM – 2200PSI – 950RPM

Is a triplex three plunger rods positive displacement, reciprocating, plunger pump, constructed of a forged brass manifold, 304SS valve assemblies, solid ceramic plungers and standard NBR [Buna-N] seals and O-rings?

View more about the Cat 310 at https://www.kleen-ritecorp.com/p-2928-310-cat-pump-4gpm-2200psi-950rpm.aspx.

General Pumps

General Pump was the vision of its founder Mike Christopherson; he had a dream of having his own company and wanted to bring a superior product line to the high pressure wash markets in the United States. He began this dream in 1982 and began to supply pumps and accessories to the pressure wash and vehicle wash markets out of his garage. Whether you have a self-serve, touchless or conveyor car wash operation, this company offers a full line of pumps with durability and performance that exceeds our competitors, and at much lower price.

General Pump CW2040 5.0 GPM; 2500PSI Dual Shaft

CW series pumps are especially constructed to handle the rigorous duty cycles, high temperatures and chemicals associated with car wash applications. CW series pumps are backed by a 5-year warranty

View more about the General Pump CW2040 at https://www.kleen-ritecorp.com/p-868-general-pump-cw2040-50-gpm-2500psi-dual-shaft.aspx

Giant Pumps

In 1972, Ray Simon founded the Giant Towel Company.  These towels were sold throughout North America to car wash OEMs and distributors. In the mid-1970s, Ray became the North American distributor for the German pump manufacturer Speck Kolbenpumpen Fabrik. In the 1980s, Giant started to make more axial pumps in Toledo and continue to produce many pumps from the Toledo location. Giant has expanded its line to manufacture its axial and plunger pumps, pump systems and line of towel products.

Giant Pump P318 5.1 GPM, 2200 PSI

This Giant Pump is an American-made triplex plunger positive displacement pump with reciprocating plungers for direct or belt drive applications. Giant’s pumps feature aluminum crankcase with sight glass and vented dipstick; forged, through-hardened, ground and polished crankshaft and bronze connecting rods.

View more about the Giant P318 at https://www.kleen-ritecorp.com/p-1494-giant-pump-p318l-left-51-gpm-2200-psi-1351-rpm-12-inlet-38-discharge-24mmshaft.aspx


Pentair Hypro’s reputation for quality spray pumps began in 1947. Over 60 years later, Hypro pumps remain in high demand throughout the world. Its product line includes centrifugal pumps, roller, diaphragm, piston, plunger and gear pumps as well as spray nozzles and tips and accessories used in the agricultural, pressure cleaning and industrial equipment industries. Hypro is committed to serving these markets throughout the world with quality products, superior service and innovative solutions. Hypro was acquired in 2004 by Pentair. Pentair has more than 100 manufacturing sites and 30,000 employees worldwide.

Hypro Pumps 2345B-P Pump – 4.8GPM – 2500PSI – 1725RPM

Self-serve car wash and tunnel prep unit owners are making the switch to Pentair Hypro 2300 Series plunger pumps. Backed by the best warranty in the industry, Pentair Hypro pumps are designed for, and not adapted to, the car wash industry, resulting in pumps that deliver higher pressure and increased reliability.

View more about the Hypro 2345BP at https://www.kleen-ritecorp.com/p-12470-hypro-2345b-p-pump-48gpm-2500psi-1725rpm.aspx


Since 1923 Arimitsu has been building very reliable high pressure pumps. Arimitsu is devoted to engineering pumps that history has proven to be reliable, quiet, long-lasting, easy to repair, and efficient. With flows to 400 GPM, PSI to 24,000 and HP to 400, there is a pump for your application. Arimitsu’s proven performance in demanding applications such as Car Wash provide the peace of mind that your pumps will be there for you — making money!

Arimitsu Pumps 516 5 GPM – 2500PSI

Ideal for truck wash or super self-serve car wash bays; these Japanese-made plunger pumps featuring long life and very quiet, efficient design. Extremely powerful, Arimitsu pumps are super quiet and are designed to take the heavy use in the car wash environment.

View more about the Arimitsu 516 at https://www.kleen-ritecorp.com/p-3778-arimitsu-516-left-pump-5-gpm-2500psi-100121-027863.aspx

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