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Spray-on car wrap introduced

LOS ANGELES — A company debuted a water-based, removable paint that can be sprayed, brushed or rolled onto a car.

LOS ANGELES — Alsa is now offering Paint Wrap, a spray-on car wrap that can be peeled off when a user is done with it, according to a press release.

The July 25 release said the product is a water-based safe paint that can be sprayed, brushed or rolled onto a car, and there it forms a colored film that is removable. The product contains no adhesives, and it is a D.I.Y. painting process.

Whenever the color needs to be changed, Paint Wrap can be peeled off. Each coat dries in about 15 minutes, and users can spray an entire car including glass, rubber, metal and plastic then remove the areas that need to be exposed.

The product is available in hundreds of colors, and the company said it can color match any Pantone color. Special effect pigments are available for exotic looks as well.

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