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It is recommended to have a seasonal checklist for any car wash operator.



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With spring upon us, the time has come to start preparing for the summer months ahead. Spring cleaning is always a great excuse to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and start cleaning up from the past fall and winter seasons. In the car wash industry, this is the time to recover from the busy washing season and start working on the projects that were set aside.

It is recommended to have a seasonal checklist for any car wash operator. This will ensure you are ready for the upcoming season and the customers that it will bring. A seasonal checklist is an ongoing list of items to review for each change in washing season. It helps the operator to identify the needs of their facilities.

  • Marketing: Be sure to check your signage and refresh anything that might have gotten damaged throughout the car wash site during the winter months. What better time to freshen up the signage than when the weather breaks and people are out enjoying the opportunity to wash their vehicle at your car wash. This will also give you an opportunity to look at different promotions or products that you might want to promote during the summer months.
  • Exterior: Parking lot and driveway need to be cleaned of any debris. Also, take a look around the building to see if any paint or siding needs repair.
  • Landscaping: Cleaning debris from the yard, cutting the lawn, trimming or replacing the shrubs and bushes, and adding mulch to your landscape beds. This is also a great time to take a look at what type of landscaping that could be done to make your car wash site more inviting.
  • Bay interiors: This is a good time to clean the walls of the bays and also paint or do any repairs that are needed.
  • Equipment: Seasonal maintenance on equipment include: checking equipment for wearing in the hoses, any parts that are worn out, preparing the doors for the summer months of not being used, turning the weep systems off, etc.

Once your checklist is completed, consider doing a promotional event to further drive customers to your wash.


Have a great season.

From the Lustra Team – Keep Shining

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