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How to Start a Carwash: 3 ways to establish business credibility

When starting a new business venture, it’s imperative to build credibility with prospective customers to ensure a successful launch.

In the article “3 Steps to Building Credibility for Your Startup,” featured on Entrepreneur’s website, contributor Kuty Shalev discusses how new businesses can establish trust with consumers.

“How do you convince someone you’ve never met to trust you? How do you prove to him or her that you’re someone who can be relied upon? These are tough enough questions to answer on a personal level, but they’re even tougher with a brand-new business venture,” states Shalev in the article.

Shalev continues in the article by explaining how new business owners can utilize past experiences to help bolster credibility for their startups. He offers the following three steps to establishing this trust.

  • Using past accomplishments. Many startups end up closing their doors because they fail to break new ground. When there are already trusted companies in the market offering the same products/services, why should consumers take their business elsewhere? This is where past experiences can come into play, asserts Shalev in the article, adding that you can use these experiences to resolve any problems in the marketplace that haven’t been addressed.
  • Levering past relationships. As you most likely know, having a strong brand is key. Associating with already established brands can help to establish your business in the process.
  • Taking a pay cut. To be successful you have to look at what you are accomplishing and not at your paycheck. Don’t be afraid to work with little pay, or maybe even for free, says Shalev in the article, noting that if the project is really good, then the accomplishment will be well worth the effort.

Read the entire article on steps to establish credibility for your new business here.

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