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How to Start a Carwash: Judging a conveyor carwash by its cover

A conveyor carwash has a lot of moving parts and plenty of opportunities to impress customers.


A carwash can be fun, functional and a destination location. From the customer perspective, visiting a conveyor carwash makes them feel good. Impulse carwash buyers will pay more money at your conveyor carwash when you market effectively and create highly visible on-site signage as well as an easy to read menu. Here are some ways to get more attention and sales for your new conveyor carwash:

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  • Use fun, informative signage. Signage should be visible and easy for the customer to understand and read.
  • Games/entertainment are great ways to make your carwash fun for the family. Even simple design elements, such as glass cutouts or windows looking into the tunnel can entertain children and families as they watch their cars being cleaned.
  • Food and beverage services and other c-store items can increase revenue, especially on busy days with longer wait times.
  • Special events/customer appreciation days can be effective at your carwash.
  • Practical and functional site design can not only create a safe atmosphere at your carwash, but it can also enhance lines of sight for managers and for signage.
  • Every conveyor carwash has plenty of opportunities to create a personality for their wash. Stand out from the rest by being unique.

These are just some of the ways you can be successful with your new carwash. Be sure to read Professional Carwashing & Detailing and for more helpful startup tips.

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