How to Start a Carwash: Three tips for customer satisfaction
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How to Start a Carwash: Three tips for customer satisfaction

Learn three ways to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.


Having bad customer service is bad for business. To help ensure your new carwash is headed in the direction of success you have to keep your growing customer base happy.

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In the article, “The 3 Best Ways to Love Your Customers,” featured on The Huffington Post’s website, contributor Brian de Haaff discusses why good customer service is a critical component to building a booming brand.

When bad service happens, forget about brand loyalty — we vote with our feet. A survey found that three in five customers would try a new brand if they thought they might get better service somewhere else,” he explains in the article. “Clearly, service still matters.”

In the article, de Haaff shares three ways new and veteran business owners can keep customers happy:

  • Give. Giving away freebies to customers is a great way to boost customer satisfaction. When you are generous with your customers, they will remember this generosity and most likely return to your business as a result.
  • Respond immediately. “Have you ever stood at a counter waiting to be served, wondering if you might be invisible? Of course you have, so you know how it feels to be ignored,” says de Haaff in the article. Even if you are busy, make sure you and your employees are giving customers your full and immediate attention.
  • Get real. Be personal with your customers. Whether answering the phone quickly or always keeping a smile on your face and a pep in your step when serving customers, this matters and will help ensure a strong, repeat customer base. “Whatever business you are in, you can make a lasting impact on every customer,” asserts de Haaff in the article. “Do not let those opportunities pass you by. Otherwise, your customers will keep on looking for that love from someone else.”

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