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Starting a Carwash: Cultivate skills to win clients, part one

Create loyal customers when you practice these skills.

Utilizing new technology with RFID and the latest in wash equipment will help to create a great experience for your customer, but that isn’t always enough. According to, there are 14 skills entrepreneurs need to win over clients to be successful. In part one of the series, we look into seven of those characteristics to help you grow your new business.

Listening — According to the article, people spend 70 to 80 percent of their time communicating in some form, and 45 percent of that communication time is spent listening. Hone your listening skills and create loyal customers.

Communication — Know how to tell others about your company and what you offer potential patrons, says the article. Have patience as you learn how to do this, and then reap the rewards.

Strategy — Have a plan. Know who your customers are and how you will reach them, states the article. Target the right clients with the right message. This can even be done before your carwash opens officially. Create a feeling of anticipation for your grand opening.

Interpretation — Customers aren’t always truthful, but you should pay attention to them and show them they are valued, notes the article. Maintain eye contact to convey confidence.

Negotiation — Learn how to come up with the best deal for you and your customer. You both should benefit from transactions, reports the article.

Management — Assure clients you can meet deadlines and deliver results, states the article, but do not overbook yourself. You can’t do everything.

Outgoing — Get your name out there. Attend trade shows, speak at workshops, run blogs, call people and do plenty of other self-promoting to show people what you have to offer, shares the article.

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