You’ve heard it before – location, location, location. Despite the cliché nature of this old adage, its principle still rings true. The position and setting of your carwash is perhaps its most important feature. At a minimum, customers need it to feel convenient, safe and welcoming. According to, owners should ask themselves four questions when considering sites for their businesses.

Is location important for the success of your business? Many services like roofers and plumbers may not rely on the perfect location for their companies, but many carwashes do. Each entrepreneur should consider his or her unique situation.

What type of location is best? says business owners should ask themselves a few  questions:

  • Will customers drive and, if so, where will they park?
  • Will more customers come if you locate near other similar businesses?
  • Will the reputation of the neighborhood or even of a particular building help draw customers?

Traffic from other nearby businesses can often increase the flow of customers. A clear view from the street may also help to draw patrons in.

How much rent can you afford? According to, many start-ups aren’t able to purchase real estate, so renting is a reality. Owners should budget for this expense in their business plan’s financials. Entrepreneurs can research the cost of rent in prospective areas and weigh it with what they’ve budgeted.

Is your proposed location appropriate for what you plan to do there? Carwashes have many plumbing, facility and space needs. While all of this can be added, owners may save costs if some infrastructure is already available. also advises owners to consider a few other costs:

  • Communications wiring – Ask the landlord about what kind of wiring for modern phones and Internet has been installed. Is the space connected to a fiber optic network? Is it wired for DSL or a T1 line (high volume Internet connection)? Owners should also find out who has the rights to the wire conduits in the building.
  • Electricity and air conditioning – Carwashes use a lot of energy. Make sure a potential space can support the business. encourages owners to ask the landlord what the circuits can handle and if generators are available.
  • Parking – Ensure customers can find a way in and out of your business. While most carwashes don’t need to make sure customers have a place to park, they should make sure the city planning or zoning board agrees with that owners think is ample space.
  • Zoning rules – shares that even though a space to appear perfect to an operator, the city may disagree. Make sure the site is zoned correctly.

Finally, reminds owners to never sign a lease with making sure the business can operate in the space.

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