Launching a business takes a lot of time and money. Many entrepreneurs don’t have a year’s salary saved up to focus solely on their new ventures, so they need to keep their day jobs to keep money coming in, according to Business owners may find it hard to give up their employer’s medical benefits as well.

It’s still possible to keep your full-time job while getting your new carwash up and running, notes the article. This may not work forever, but with a few strategies in place it can get you through the humble beginnings of your new company.

  1. Consider your job in the right light. Don’t think of your job as a blessing that’s holding you back, shares the article. Your regular paycheck allows you to pursue your new carwash business.
  2. Plan your days well. Working long hours may sound productive, but it’s not healthy, reports the article. “Stop the busywork, get rid of distractions and give both your job and your venture the laser-focused attention they deserve.”
  3. Maximize your time. Your day job takes 40 hours of your week. Plan your other activities around it to ensure you make the most of the time you have. Don’t neglect sleep, encourages the article. “Successful entrepreneurs manage their time, they don’t wish for more of it.”
  4. See your job as motivation. Your present career can be used to propel you forward in your business plans, notes the article. You don’t have to be as scared pitching to an investor when you have a job to fall back on when he or she says no.
  5. Outsource. If someone else can do it faster and better, let them. Trust other people with some of the workload.

“Entrepreneurs know how to make the most of every situation and resource they have,” states the article. “It’s the best skill you can hone, and you don’t need to make a major change to start."

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