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Starting a Carwash

Starting a Carwash: Reach customers with the right email marketing program

Build and maintain a loyal, repeat customer base by communicating through email messages.


According to, 7.5 percent of all gained customers come from email marketing. This number is better than Facebook or Twitter, and represents a 4X growth since 2009. Carwashes rely on return customers, so this trend is huge for these businesses.

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Having a reliable email marketing service is important to staying in touch with customers. The article presents several steps to help you ensure your email marketing initiatives help your business succeed.

Define your marketing goals

Determine your key marketing needs and how email marketing can help accomplish them, says the article. Email campaigns should be readable on mobile devices in addition to desktop computers. This allows your customers on-the-go to stay in touch with your business.

Email marketing services all have different prices features, so you’ll need to figure out what your business needs, notes the article. Many services also offer professional consulting services. They can be costly, but they can also help you.


Review your costs

Balance the cost of the program against its potential for return, shares the article. Entrepreneurs also under- or over-invest, and the key is to choose the product with the highest chance of delivering positive returns.

Many services base pricing on the amount of subscribers you have, so be sure you will not outgrow whatever you choose in the near future, states the article. Free trials can be good ways to decide which service to use. You can also get to know the customer service side of the business during this time.

Get great analytics

Through experimenting with different email templates, you will find out which templates and copy are the most effective for your audience, reports the article. You will need good analytics to ensure you can determine this.


Hubspot and Google Analytics are other tools that can help you analyze your audience and determine what works best for them, says the article.

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