PIKESVILLE, Md. — Maryland has expanded its move over law, requiring motorists to move into an open lane or slow down when passing tow trucks, according to somdnews.com.

The law also requires drivers to show the same courtesy to police and other emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road, said the article.

Detective Sgt. James A. Barth, Maryland State Police criminal investigation supervisor, said in the article that sideswipes are common with tow trucks as well as police and emergency vehicles.

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Vincent “Vinny” Smith, owner and operator of Love Auto Detailing, supports the law’s expansion, noted the article. “I think it’s a great idea because we’ve lost a lot of tow truck drivers in accidents,” he said in the article. “There are always people flying down the road. If you’re not paying attention, they will hit you.”

Approximately 130 tow operators were killed from tow-related incidents in the U.S. from January 2000 to Dec. 31, 2005, stated the article.

Violators of the law will be fined $110 and one point. If the violation leads to a crash, offenders will face a $150 penalty and three points. If the crash results in serious injury or death, penalties are a $750 fine and three points, explained the article.

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