CHICAGO — The convenience store industry can reap the benefits as consumers continue to purchase healthier options, according to

Sherry Frey, senior vice president of Nielsen Perishables Group, says even tobacco and beer segments trend toward wellness, reported the article. Think about the growing interest in e-vapor and smokeless tobacco.

Frey believes c-stores can profit from the trend, which is becoming mainstream, noted the article. Groups that can be especially targeted are youth, women and high earners.

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“Millennials are driving a lot of the health and wellness trends we’re seeing and, in many cases, are more willing to pay for those healthy products,” Frey said in the article. “They are fully willing to spend their parents’ money on health and wellness.”

Women tend to do most of the household shopping, while high earners spend more on health and wellness and less time shopping, stated the article.

Frey pointed out in the article that offering healthy products may be more important than providing a variety of products. “The idea that we can be a part of fostering a healthier America is really exciting,” shared Frey. “Healthier shoppers really do cater to a healthier bottom line.”

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