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Storm tears roof off Louisiana carwash

ALEXANDRIA, La. — Following the damage caused by the storm, Speedy Pete’s Car Wash plans to be back up and running in approximately a month to a month and a half.


ALEXANDRIA, La. — The roof of Speedy Pete’s Car Wash was torn off by a storm and thrown onto the nearby Pizza Hut this past Monday, Feb. 15, according to KALB.

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“This big noise starts. And we went to go look. [Another employee] looks out the window, and he can see the wall on the ground. And, the roof is over there at the Pizza Hut,” said Karl Brown, employee at Speedy Pete’s, in the article.

Team members for both businesses are now working to clean up the mess left behind from the storm, stated the article.

And with the weather starting to heat up, reported the article, this incident came at a pretty inconvenient time for the carwash.

“Coming out in the spring time, people like to come out and wash. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold. We we’re going into our second year of operations. Things have been going good. We wash a good many cars on the weekend,” stated Pete Willis, owner of Speedy Pete’s, in the article.


Despite missing what they refer to as “the best part of the year for business,” continued the article, the carwash has been receiving a lot of community support.

“People who come to this carwash have been really supportive, and I just appreciate the town of Alexandria,” said Brown in the article. “You can’t ask for a better place to have a carwash like this.”

Backed by the support of the community, informed the article, the carwash projects to be back in operations in approximately a month to a month and a half.

“So far it seems like people have come out of the woodwork to help. So we feel good about it,” asserted Willis in the article.


Pizza Hut is still evaluating the damage caused by the storm, noted the article, and the total costs are still pending for both businesses.

You can find the article here.

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