WACO, Texas — CO-ED Car Wash helps students with their college educations by paying them in wages and scholarship money, according to the Baylor Lariat.

The carwash is 100 percent student run and operated, and has three locations, said the article.

Senior Austin Dorchester wanted his employees to be able to work in college and pay for school. “Scholarship money can’t be taxed,” Dorchester said in the article. “I want my employees to have money to go toward what they need for school.”

Instead of starting the business after graduating from college, Dorchester decided to open his carwash during college, while the risk was low, noted the article.

Working with students’ busy schedules is a priority for Dorchester, and students work an average of 15 to 30 hours per week. Students apply through company’s website, CO-EDcarwash.com.

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