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Students hope to firmly establish cleaning cloth business

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Texas A&M students are in talks with manufacturers to launch the sale of a cleaning cloth they developed.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — With the help of on-campus Startup Aggieland, Texas A&M students have developed MultiRag, a multi-purpose cleaning cloth, according to

“The rag is worn like a glove and can be flipped inside out to reveal a variety of fabrics separated by waterproof membranes,” said the article.

MultiRag, LLC was founded in Nov. 2013. Several prototypes were developed before the current product, noted the article.

The founding students went through six different fabrics before settling on one. They are in talks with different manufacturing companies about the future of the company.

“We gave our tech pack and a sample and they got sent over to China, so we’re waiting to hear back on some quotes from different manufacturers in China,” stated founder Madison Jones, in the article.

“Madison brought us some samples and we’re beginning to take a look at them,” David Borski, manager of Ducky’s Car Wash, explained in the article. “We’re trying to use some of these MultiRags in our carwash to allow the customers to utilize them, see how they like them and how we like them. The fact that this is an A&M student business is an exciting opportunity for us.” 

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