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Success from the outside-in

While this may be the beginning of your journey in the professional carwashing industry, there is still a lot to learn.


Rich DiPaolo is the Associate Publisher – Editorial of Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine.

Part of a conveyor carwash’s allure is being a fun and convenient place to do something that makes customers feel good — washing their cars, SUVs and trucks. Capitalizing on the impulse carwash buyer, which is a growing trend at the moment, and keeping it interesting and exciting for existing customers can be achieved in several ways. With fun, informative signage, games/entertainment, quality food and beverage services, special events/customer appreciation days, attractive landscaping, sleek open designs, being green, etc., every conveyor carwash has plenty of opportunities to create a personality for their business to bring new customers in and coming back for more.

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While the outside of the carwash can help lure customers in, it is behind the scenes that will most likely result in repeat visits. As a new investor, did you inherit equipment from a previous owner or purchase brand new equipment and products from reputable manufacturers? If you are in the latter group, chances are your equipment will function at peak performance for the critical years ahead and you will get the service support needed to provide a consistent, quality carwash and detailing operation. If your equipment is older, consider upgrading or perform preventative maintenance to get your business rolling. 


This special supplement to Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine is a welcome guide for conveyor carwash owners and operators. However, while this may be the beginning of your journey in the professional carwashing industry, there is still a lot to learn. By using a combination of industry resources to better understand the business, such as our monthly publication and its website as well as prominent associations and trade shows, do not lose sight of your most important resource: your customer base.

Similar to most businesses, yours will most likely enjoy the ups and endure the downs. Creating a loyal customer base will help provide stability for your new carwash and also help to augment your business planning. Send out questionnaires, bend customers’ ears while visiting your site and make changes based on that vital feedback.


Included in this special issue is a variety of articles geared toward new conveyor carwash investors. From marketing to hiring, we cover some of the most important aspects of succeeding in this business. We hope you enjoy our welcome guide for conveyor carwashes and best of luck with your new investment. 

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