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Summertime madness

I hope all of you are enjoying a warm and sunny spring so far. Summer is just a few weeks away and with it, come the usual joyful symbols: Ice cream trucks, the sounds of kids playing outside, drive-in movie theatres...etc.

I hope all of you are enjoying a warm and sunny spring so far. Summer is just a few weeks away and with it, come the usual joyful symbols: Ice cream trucks, the sounds of kids playing outside, drive-in movie theatres…etc. On the flipside, are the annoyances: Bugs, sunburns, humidity…etc. And, one big summertime annoyance for me is seeing the infestation of parking lot and driveway-based carwashes. I understand the kids raising money for a fundraiser is important, but it still bothers me. What can we as an industry do about this? Do we approach the person in charge and let them know it's bad for the environment? Should you, as a carwash owner or operator, give them your business card and tell them they can set a fundraiser through your wash? Or, do you just secretly hope the fundraiser flops and they don't attempt one again. I think I have come up with a good and practical solution. Get the name of the group/organization. Then, go online and find the person to contact. Then write this email:

Dear __________________,

I recently noticed your orginization was hosting a fundraiser in the ____________ parking lot. I would like to offer you my carwash as a future place for a fundraiser. Together, we can choose a day that works for you, and volunteers can come to the carwash and work the line that day for tips that will go directly to your wash. We can also offer up a special menu option where the proceeds will go to your charity. Feel free to contact me for more information.

I think the above perfectly pronounces your willingness to help. I do not recommend going into the part about a parking lot carwash being harmful to the environment. They are trying to raise funds here, and might be offended if you tell them their recent effort was damaging to the environment.

As for the at-home carwashers, I don't know if these leopards' spots will ever change, but we have to keep trying. Keep plugging away and put on your signage and on all of your marketing materials that at-home washing is not the way to go. It's worth the effort, even if it seems in vain.

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