BEAVERTON, OR — Applied Colors here recently posted the results from a survey of professional car reconditioners on their website.

The Feb. 26 results were gathered from 60 car detailers, PDR techs and interior techs, and they revealed a number of trends in the industry.

First, scarce services can help to boost a detail shop’s business. Singling out businesses that offer wheel repair, the survey revealed that detailers should look closely at their market and see what customer needs are underserved.

Do you know how to identify your customers?

Also, a third of the respondents said they have no website. Today, every service should have a website because they are the customer’s most common source for finding detailers, the story noted.

Finally, 82 percent of the detailers surveyed expected to make more money in 2013. This means it is important to purchase new equipment and advertise to make new growth possible.

The full results of the survey can be found here.