NEW ORLEANS — Tyrone “Tee Boy” Daniels, 20, has been identified by police as the man who opened fire at a carwash, killing an employee, according to The Times Picayune.

Daniels turned himself in to the New Orleans Police on Friday. He was wanted on charges of second-degree murder.  

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The shooting took place on April 1, at Untouchable Car Wash. According to witnesses, Daniels and Dion Johnson got into an argument around 1:30 p.m., which escalated into the fatal incident.

A woman who witnessed the shooting said Johnson was washing a car when he began to argue with a man in the car behind him. The two men yelled at one another before Daniels pulled out a gun and began shooting, she said.

The article noted that there was a rivalry between the two, which was over a girl, according to a family member.

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