COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. — There will be no charges filed, said the Colonial Heights Police, after a SUV traveled through a carwash parking lot and across a busy road before crashing into a major power box at a courthouse on Wednesday, according to

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Witnesses of the incident told police, notes the story, that an employee of the carwash went to move the SUV forward, when it suddenly accelerated. The worker maneuvered the vehicle through traffic, and pressed the breaks, which did not stop the SUV.

The employee was then thrown from the vehicle when it hit a curb, but the SUV continued forward until it hit the power box at the courthouse, which left the building without power for half of the day, notes the story. The employee required medical attention at a hospital after receiving minor injuries, and is scheduled to return to work on Friday.

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The owner of the Flagstop Car Wash, where the incident occurred, said his employees are provided a list of vehicles that are prone to unintentional acceleration, and that the 120 Flagstop employees recently participated in a safety seminar by his insurance company, which went over sudden unintentional acceleration.

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