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Wash Talk, Ep. 92: Misconceptions about Water Recycling Systems

John Gibney, vice president and general manager of Aqua Bio Technologies, discusses water recycling misconceptions, benefits and updates.

Carwash Connection: Benefits of a closed-loop system

Closed-loop systems help carwashes minimize and retain water use.

closed-loop water reclaim
Carwash Connection: Water recycling options

Different factors about your carwash will determine the right system for you.

water recycling
Wash Talk Ep. 33: Water Recycling Systems and their Maintenance

John Gibney of Aqua Bio Technologies discusses the different types of water recycling systems and how to maintain them.

The benefits of closed-loop water reclaim

Calculating the benefits of
collecting and recycling all wash and rinse water.

water reclaim, closed-loop
Market Focus: NuVinAir hires former AutoNation executive to lead operations

This week, we cover a new hire, an acquisition, a company milestone, charity events and a grand opening.

Troy Blackwell, NuVinAir Global
Market Focus: Detailer Rigo Santana awarded Master certification for work on SONAX detailing team

This week, we cover a detailing certification, a remodel, a grand opening, construction and a new company distributor.

Rigo Santana, SONAX
Market Focus: Pro & Local Mobile Detailing wins BBB Marketplace Excellence Award

This week, we cover an award, a new website, a special offer, charity events and a partnership.

Paul Frasco, Pro & Local Mobile Detailing
Carwash Connection: Water recycling payback analysis

AKRON, Ohio — A look at two other types of water recycling systems.

payback analysis
How becoming an eco-friendly carwash can save you money

Get greenbacks for going green.

green carwashing, green car, windmills, eco-friendly
Carwash Connection: Water restoration and restored spot-free rinse

AKRON, Ohio — A look at two other types of water recycling systems.

water restoration
Carwash Connection: Reuse versus reclaim

AKRON, Ohio — What’s the difference between these two systems?

water, reclaim, water reuse