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Secrets of Success

Everyone strives to be a success, but few know how to reach their best potential.

Keep It Clean

When I arrive at my car wash any time, day or night, I think of the words an operator shared with me at the Car Care World Expo in Las Vegas years ago…

How Do You Evaluate Your Wash?

Do you know that every supplier of chemicals should and can provide a written evaluation report that tells you what your chemical usage, costs, strengths and cost percentages are for your wash?

Detergents Get Thin This Summer!

It’s late spring and soon we will be scorched by the summer heat.

Touch Free Cleaning Trifecta

There are many opinions out there regarding the best way to produce the cleanest car with a touch free automatic.

The Autobiography of the Hydrominder

Hi! I’m your Hydrominder. Do you remember me?

Is .89 cents standing between you and chemical consistency?

Blendco Systems has the fortunate opportunity to view equipment rooms of car washes Nationally across North America and all around the world.

5 Tips for Turning Customers into Fans

As a carwash operator, one of the primary goals for your business is always to build up your car counts.

Making the Connection

There is a lot of talk these days about “enhancing the total customer experience”.

Time for a Spring Tune-up

Spring is a great time to clean out and spruce up all kinds of things: your closet, your car, your house … and probably your carwash.

Salt Still Eats Cars

It used to be that you could look around any parking lot and find at least one real “rust bucket” of a car – a victim of dirt, salt and years of neglect.

Count Up the Reasons Why

A great thing about the carwash business is the quest to find that perfect mix of location, equipment, services, and marketing that will maximize sales, build customer loyalty, and deliver profits to the operator who ‘gets it right’.