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The Laws of Customer Attraction

You no doubt employ many savvy techniques to attract and keep your customers coming back to your carwash.

To Protect and Repel?

A fact of life in the carwash business is the need for security.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Give Back

We’re back to watching the numbers move up at the gas pumps – and they seem to move on a daily basis.

5 Tips on Turning Customers into Fans

We know of a busy express exterior wash that isn’t satisfied to simply put out clean cars.

You Can’t Afford Not to Go!

We all know that 2006 was a tough year in our industry.

What is the Signage at Your Wash Saying?

When you consider the marketing budget for your carwash, make sure that a substantial portion is directed at marketing the wash… at the carwash site itself.