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Comparing soft touch and touchless carwashing

Many customers prefer friction, but some say you can’t touch this.

Mark VII customer testimonial

A loyal Mark VII customer explains what sets the carwash equipment company apart from the competition.

Electric brush station

Mark VII released its Softline 1 electric brush that is energy efficient and simple to use.

Buffing brush

The MacNeil EVOSHINE buffing brush was designed with innovative controls to help you enhance your customer experience.

buffing brush
Wash Talk, Ep. 89: The Makeup of Tunnel Equipment

Pierre Leclercq, vice president of business development and tunnel manager for Mark VII Equipment, talks about how the materials in tunnel equipment affect wash quality.

Optimizing cloth and foam

Brushes and hangdowns offer important benefits.

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Wash Talk Ep. 26: Carwash Equipment 101: Part One

This audio reading of “Carwash equipment 101: part one” discusses the main equipment that applies to all types of carwashes.

Brush maintenance

Know the signs of wear and tear.

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Refresh tunnels with new brush colors

Changing tunnel wash brush and hangdown colors tells customers you are upgrading your service.

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Quieter wash wheels and brushes

How foam media and wash wheels have evolved to improve customer satisfaction.

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