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Carwash Connection: Managing your loyalty program

AKRON, Ohio — Make it easy for customers to manage their own accounts and you to manage your numbers.

loyalty program
Carwash Connection: Marketing your loyalty program

AKRON, Ohio — You should be marketing your program everywhere, but you should also be strategic about it.

loyalty program
Carwash Connection: Why have a loyalty program?

AKRON, Ohio — Studies show that more and more people are willing to a join a fee-based loyalty program.

loyalty program
Carwash Connection: Water recycling payback analysis

AKRON, Ohio — A look at two other types of water recycling systems.

payback analysis
Carwash Connection: Water restoration and restored spot-free rinse

AKRON, Ohio — A look at two other types of water recycling systems.

water restoration
Carwash Connection: Reuse versus reclaim

AKRON, Ohio — What’s the difference between these two systems?

water, reclaim, water reuse
Carwash Connection: The facts about water and carwashing

AKRON, Ohio — Why should a carwash invest in water recycling?

Water recycling
Carwash Connection: Care and laundering of microfiber towels

AKRON, Ohio — Here are several tips for prolonging the life of microfiber towels.

microfiber towels
Carwash Connection: Getting to know microfiber

AKRON, Ohio — How much do you know about this towel’s properties?

microfiber towel
Carwash Connection: Microfiber versus cotton

AKRON, Ohio — Your towel choice should not be made lightly.

towels, cotton
Carwash Connection: An overview of towels

AKRON, Ohio — From the early days of carwashing until now, towels have proved an important tool.

Carwash Connection: Winterizing carwash doors

AKRON, Ohio — Keep your doors working properly during the winter months with these tips.

winterizing, carwash doors, door