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PC&D Unscripted Ep. 57: Tips for developing a carwash pt. 2

Industry veteran Bud Abraham continues his conversation with Rich DiPaolo about starting a carwash.

10 clever ways to increase customer lifetime value

From offering incentives to updating your social media strategy, there are many of ways to turn one-time customers into lifetime supporters.

The battle for data

Tech giants are remodeling how businesses leverage customer data.

data, Big Tech, cybersecurity
5 habits of highly successful businesses

These social media habits will grow and brand your business.

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Carwash Connection: Enhancing the experience

IBAs can offer an experience on par with tunnel washes.

Profile: Cobblestone Auto Spa

A leader in quality, service and value.

Cobblestone Auto Spa
Business 101: customer service

Back to the basics of taking care of your company’s most important assets.

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‘On the road again’

Have you ever tried to remove services while maintaining the same pricing?

Sonny's CarWash College
Profit potential through customer retention

Retention has tangible value.

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Wash Talk, Ep. 73: Success Tips from Soapy Joe’s

Megan Ragsdale, chief operating and development officer for Soapy Joe’s, discusses some of the tactics her company has used to become successful.

Text message marketing

Six ways to attract and retain customers with SMS.

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Wash Talk Ep. 58: 49 Marketing Tricks to Boost Your Business

This updated audio reading of “49 marketing tricks to boost your business” discusses various ways you can pull customers on-site.