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Benefits of drying aids to a carwash

The science, uses and benefits of adding drying aids to the car cleaning process.

International Drying Corporation offers new product sale

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — IDC is offering 25% new equipment to attendees of The Car Wash Show™.

Control panel

The Stealth Intelligent Control Panel from IDC maximizes performance while saving energy.

Wash Talk, Ep. 97: What’s New in Carwash Dryers

This episode discusses recent market advancements that are culminating in better overall dryer performance.

Carwash Connection: Dryer efficiency

New dryers are energy efficient and can save you money.

Carwash Connection: Dryer Noise Control

Using modern technology, noise from carwash dryers can be minimized for safety and energy efficiency.

Carwash Connection: Ensuring proper drying

No water streaks or spots should be left behind from a properly working dryer.

Carwash Connection: Drying optimization

Reach peak dryer performance with proper care and maintenance.

What’s new in carwash dryers

Recent market advancements are culminating in better overall performance.

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3 myths about blowers and drying

These misconceptions about blowers could be affecting your results.

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Wash Talk Ep. 26: Carwash Equipment 101: Part One

This audio reading of “Carwash equipment 101: part one” discusses the main equipment that applies to all types of carwashes.

Blown away with energy-efficient dryers

How performance upgrades and new features can ramp down operating costs for dryer equipment.

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