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PC&D Unscripted 36: Solar-Powered Carwash Case Study

Ned Browning, founder of Valley Car Wash, discusses his business’ eco-friendly initiatives and more.

solar power carwash, Valley Car Wash
Achieving EPA compliance with automated wastewater treatment

These systems help motor vehicle service stations and carwashes remain in compliance while significantly reducing the cost of treatment, labor and disposal.

trench, drainage, dirty water, chemicals, wastewater
Fire department rescues ducklings from carwash

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Four ducklings managed to get inside the tunnel trench.

‘Significant’ trees halt carwash development in Florida

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — The company must get permission from the state to cut down these trees.

Wash Talk Ep. 62: Spring Carwashing

This audio reading of “Spring carwashing” discusses services you can offer to combat spring’s particular problems.

Warm weather causes spike in carwash business

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — Customers are looking to wash away winter.

Searching for the right water reclaim system

Different water reclaim systems suit different goals for operators.

dirty water, clean water
Austin-area carwashes barred from operating due to water shortage

AUSTIN, Texas — Resident outcries prompted a judge to ban carwashing for five days.

Wash Talk Ep. 40: Ice, Ice ‘Bayby’

This audio reading of “Ice, ice ‘bayby’” discusses how to prevent your carwash from freezing over during the winter.

Market Focus: UNITI expo 2021 postponed to 2022

This week, we cover a trade show postponement, a grand opening, an innovative site addition and a planned location.

Carwash business booms across Bay Area with improved air quality

NOVATO, Calif. — People have come out in droves to wash the ash off their cars.

New carwash plans draw ire from conservationists

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — A carwash plans to build next to conservation land that the state just purchased, and environmentalists are concerned about its potential impact.